Terms of Service

Terms used:

We/Us/Our - The owners and moderators associated with the domain.

You - The user. Whether logged in, or viewing the site as a guest.


C.1: All content shared must not contain any of the following: Gore, Nudity, Derogatory terms, hate speech, Spam, or Promoting illegal activities/content.

C.2: Intellectual Property: Content shared must not violate Intellectual property laws. This includes all forms of media such as text, images, videos, and any unlisted forms of media. 

    C.2B: If you wish to post content that is not yours, seek permission from the creator, and credit them in some form.

C.3: All content shared should be considered public and accessible to anyone. We can not guarantee the privacy of any group or forum. 

C.4: We have the right to remove any content that we deem in violation of our terms. This applies to images, text, accounts, and any other element of our site. We are not required to give a reason for content removals. Content removals are final and can not be appealed or replaced.

C.5: We also retain the right to allow any content that may otherwise be against these terms.


Other? Idk yet