IT Essentials Final

Exploring website creation

The goal

The goal of this project was to create a website that was an interactive presentation on each of the projects. 

For this project, I will discuss the challenges I faced, things  I learned, and my overall plan for this site later on.

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Some of the biggest challenges may be obvious, such as technical challenges. But I seemed to overcome those quickly. I personally thought that the hardest part was time management, and creativity. I honestly thought that I could get this done in a day or two. I've been working on this for 3 days and I haven't really done what I wanted with this site.

I also struggled with creativity. I originally wanted to start from scratch, but after just an hour or so, I realized that I needed to use a template to complete this on time at all. Trying to be creative in a short time span though, can be difficult. I wish I was able to do more with each of these finals, but I underestimated the amount of time some things would take. 

I think it is obvious that I spent more time on my Personal Finance final, and that is simply because I ran out of time and this was rushed. 


Lessons learned

The first things I learned may be obvious. I learned about basic website development and design. I learned about buttons to take you to different sub pages, and I learned about anchors to take you to different places on a page. And I learned a lot about the backend management of websites. For example, follow this link:

But I also learned a lot about time management. I'll admit, I spent way too much time on a member page that isn't even public. I learned that I get distracted and procrastinate a lot. In fact, I got distracted and the last sentence was written an hour before this was. 


Future Plans


In the future, I would like to use this website to share my photography, coding, and other hobbies that I am interested in. You can use the  menu on the top of the page to view some of my photography work that I submitted  for another assignment. I also plan on completing the member page, and allowing users to comment on and discuss my work. This will allow me to get feedback on my work, to help improve it. It will also allow me to notify users via email when I post content that they indicate they are interested in. You may be able to create an account now, but I'm not entirely sure if it actually works fully yet.